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Tigran Avinyan receives UNDP Resident Representative

Tigran Avinyan receives UNDP Resident Representative

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Tigran Avinyan receives UNDP Resident Representative

Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan held a farewell meeting with UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia Dmitry Maryasin.

Pleased with the joint work, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that the Government of the Republic of Armenia had been effectively cooperating with UNDP within the framework of several programs. Thanking Mr. Maryasin for his personal contribution, Tigran Avinyan wished him every success in his future activities.

Dmitry Maryasin presented the current status and the results of the programs implemented during his tenure. He stressed that he was sorry to leave Armenia, but at the same time expressed hope that his ties with Armenia would be continued resulting in new joint undertakings.

The parties discussed the progress and prospects of projects implemented within the framework of cooperation between the Armenian government and UNDP. They referred to the programs implemented in Armenia’s communities in an effort to meet the needs of local populations and ensure harmonious territorial development.

Highlighting the importance of developing an urban environment in communities, the interlocutors looked at the possibility of establishing community employment and leisure centers, the conceptualization of which is an important component of the government’s economic response program. Climate, environmental, and agricultural issues and programs to address them were discussed during the meeting.

Tigran Avinyan presented the government’s economic response program as approved at the Cabinet meeting of February 4, noting that its primary goal is to revive the economy. The Deputy Prime Minister singled out the areas that need to be transformed in accordance with the new requirements. He highlighted those areas that might be of interest to investors, contributing to the expansion of the business environment in our country.

The parties outlined opportunities for further cooperation discussing a wide range of issues such as technological development, efficient management and use of resources, development of urban environment in the communities, anti-corruption policy and public administration reforms.

The Deputy Prime Minister expressed the Armenian government’s readiness to give new impetus to the aforementioned policies noting that they contain a positive signal for international partners, as well as a necessary condition to build a powerful state.


via The Government of the Republic of Armenia

February 17, 2021 at 06:16AM


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